The second season of Alpha Teens on Machines originally aired on Jetix from September 2th, 2006 to November 18th, 2006. It consisted of 26 episodes.


Episode Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
1 Deception

Greg Klein, Tom Pugsley Olivier Jongerlynck September 2, 2006
The Alpha Teens are fired from their jobs with Lee and kicked out of their home! Faced with the prospect of "real jobs" and the prospect of being homeless, things get worse when a strange hybrid creature named Tilian comes after Axel, intent on killing him. Will the gang find a new home? Will Axel survive his encounter with Tilian? And what does Mr Lee have to do with Tilian?
2 Revelation

Greg Klein, Tom Pugsley Olivier Jongerlynck September9, 2005
Lee reveals to Axel that his creature, Tilian, is Axel's mutated clone. He reveals Axel his true intentions which gets him stripped of all his power at Lee Industries. Lee experiments on himself so he could be super-intelligent and super-strong, but the Alpha Teens ruin this experiment and Lee becomes completely insane as a result. Lee hints to a Mu-Team and that Tilian isn't his only clone. Also still finding work, Shark and Hawk compete as ice cream men.