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Zack Hawkes
Age 18
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Lee Industries System Test Pilot (previously)
Relatives Kip Hawks (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Stingfly (Clone)
First appearance
First Appeared A Paine By Any Other Name Part 1
Voice Actor Charlie Schlatter
Quotation1.png Hawk flies in, he saves the day Quotation2.png

Zach Hawkes, aka Hawk, is an expert at flying and an amateur actor. His sometimes arrogant and selfish behaviour often get him into trouble with the rest of his team, yet they know that they can rely on him and value him as a friend.


Hawk is a young man of about 1.85m height. He has very short red hair with an individual pattern cut into it (it resembles an airplane). He has green eyes and like the rest of the team he is very athletic and muscular.

His mission outfit is dark blue with red, white and grey details.

He is often seen wearing a dark blue and red jacket with red pants and white shoes. Sometimes he wears blue jeans, a dark red top with white details and a white and red wristband.

Hawk pays a lot attention to his outward appearance and has a high level of personal grooming. He always brings a mirror, even to missions (cf. "Revelation", season 2 episode 2).


Hawk may be quite difficult to get along with, but once one knows him he is a true and loyal friend. His number one priority is becoming a famous actor, which is why he thinks very high of himself and has a lot of selfconfidence. He tries to present himself in the best way possible and does a lot of poses in front of any kind of camera.

Because he thinks that he is a talented actor he also has the impression that women like him a lot. Unfortunately, it is much to the contrary: Women often cannot stand his annoying behavior or leave him once they find out that he is not really famous. Even with the help of a girl (in this case Lioness) he is unable to have a proper date and things go terribly wrong.

In the very beginning Hawk makes clear that he would leave the team anytime in case he gets an offer for an acting job. It becomes obvious though that the team means a lot to him and that he finds it hard to leave them (in "A Paine by another Name, Part II" [season 1, episode 2] he cannot forget about them and decides to join them again later).

Hawks deepest fear is failing to become famous and being embarrassed during a performance, getting bald and mutant zombie fangirls.

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  • Axel Manning - Hawk respects Axel as the leader of the team, but not even he is safe from Hawk's sometimes annyoing comments. Yet Axel does not react like Lioness and takes it with humour instead.
  • Lioness - Whenever Hawk makes a comment, Lioness is annoyed by it and teases him with a witty reply, which in return angers Hawk. When it comes to difficult situations, though, they know that they can rely on each other.
  • Shark - Hawk and Shark are best friends and they spend a lot of time together. Even though they are a weird duo and the rest of the team does not want to leave them alone as they fear they could get in trouble, Hawk and Shark proved that they are capable of solving problems together.
  • King - King seems to be someone who gets along least with Hawk, though he probably does better than Lioness.
  • Kip Hawkes - Hawk stated that in his family one is more arrogant than another. Same goes for his father. He played the main part in "Macho Force" and Hawk admires him a lot for this. He cannot deny any of his father's wishes and has a very good relationship to him.
  • Bogey - Hawk met Bogey at pilot school and they developed a rival relationship, always trying to prove that they are better than the other one. In the end, Hawk can show that he is by far the better pilot.


Hawk is an excellent pilot and even knows a lot about the technical side of flying, as he manages to repair the Stratojet without Garrett's help (cf. "High Frontier"). He is even able to fly a space station. He knows that his abilities in this area are very good, which is why this is one of his catchphrases: "Ain't nothing that flies the Hawk-man can't handle".

Hawk is very poor actor, most likely because his self-confident attitude gets in way with his acting and prevents him from taking serious parts in real movies.