Firekat Poster
Gender Female
Personal Status
Relatives Mr. Lee (Creator)
Lioness (Original)
First appearance
First Appeared Episode 29
Voice Actor Alli Mauzey

Firekat is Lioness' clone and the only girl on the Mu-Team. Her DNA is a mix of DNA from Lioness, a cougar, a tiger, a lion and a cheetah.


Firekat is about 1,70m tall and has a well fromed, slender body. She has dark greenish, short hair and bright green eyes with slit pupils. There are three dark red scar-like marks on her right eye. She has cat ears and sharp claws and also a long tail.

Her mission outfit is red with white details and dark tiger stripes. Her shoes are also white.


Firekat is quite aggressive and easy to provoke, though she gets easily distracted by things she loves (e.g. a fish).


  • Lioness - As her clone Firekat usually battles with Lioness. It seems natural for the clones to try to eliminate their originals.
  • Mr Janus Lee - At first Firekat tries to get in with Mr Lee. She obeys his orders and apparently enjoys being petted like a cat by him. Later in the series she mentions her aversion for working for him.
  • Tilian - She respects Tilian as the leader of the team and would listen to him at any time. Even when they betray Mr Lee she sticks to him and follows his lead. They seem to get along best on the team.
  • Wrecka - Firekat thinks very low of him. She cannot stand his stupidity, yet they worked quite well together at the beginning of season 2 (cf. "Moving on Down").
  • Stingfly - As he tries to hit on her a few times, she reacts quite aggressively to him and cannot endure his behaviour, threatening to hurt him (cf. "Full Circle").
  • Rayza - She seems to have a neutral relationship to him and it is unknown whether she likes him or hates him.
  • Duke King - After Kings little brother was rendered a villianous mega genius by Lee, Firekat and the rest of the Muteam started to defer to him as leader instead of Lee. Firekat openly adored him and happily followed his order, even for something as simple as getting him a drink.


  • Due to her cheetah DNA Firekat is able to run as fast as a sports car (in this case, Axel's Airjet).
  • Her claws can slice through metal.
  • Since her eyes resemble those of a cat a lot she seems to be able to see in the dark.
  • Her hearing and smelling are also very good.
  • She is very agile and fast and fights in a style similar to Lioness' Capoeira.


  • Firekat loves to eat fish and live mice. In "From Beneath the Sea" she is distracted by the fish in the aquarium and stares at it hungrily. In "Full Circle" she complains about the fact that there are no live mice on her part of the pizza they ordered.
  • She hates being hugged (cf. "Moving on Down", when King tries to hug her, she freaks out).
  • In her free time she likes to clean herself just like a cat.