Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Ninja
Relatives Mr. Lee (Creator)
Sebastian Manning (Original)
First appearance
First Appeared Enter The Dragon
Voice Actor Keith Szarabajka

Dragon is a Jo-Lan warrior and the clone of Sebastian Manning. He started as a ninja assassin for Quan, but chose to leave The Serpent's Tale after Quan tried to kill Axel.


In season 1 Dragon wears a dark blue-ish, almost black ninja suit with a dragon's head on his chest. There are three golden shuriken on his arm protectors. He wears ninja tabi (shoes) and a hood that he occasionally pulls over his head. Most of the time he is masked and his eyes appear yellow, which is why his Jo-Lan energy also appears to be yellow.

In season 2 Dragon's outfit colour changed to white. The hood, the dragon's head, his arm protectors and his tabi remain black, though.

He usually carries a golden katana that can even cut through metal.


Dragon feels that true warrior must walk his path alone which is why he keeps to himself and reveals little about his life. He is thoughtful and calm and overly disciplined. He does not speak often in season 1, but is forced to open up in season 2 when Axel pulls off his mask and he learns that he looks just like Sebastian Manning.

He is very loyal towards the person he serves and fulfills his orders to the limit of what he thinks is right. He will protect people he cares for with his life - presumably a character trait he got from Sebastian.


  • Axel - In the beginning of their relationship Dragon tried to kidnap him, because he was following Paine's orders at the time. He changed his mind when Paine wanted him to go against his honour to kill a Jo-Lan warrior that is unable to defend himself. Ever since he and Axel began respecting each other as equal Jo-Lan warriors. In the episode "Fathers and Sons", when they find out that Dragon looks exactly like Axel's supposedly dead father Sebastian, Dragon joins them to find the truth. During this time he and Axel form a bond and he said that he would have been proud to be his father, as it turns out that he is just Sebastian's clone.
  • Quan - Dragon was found by him at the same time Sebastian disappeared. He trained him in Jo-Lan, taking advantage of the fact that he is Sebastian's clone. Dragon has always been loyal to his master because he took care of him when he did not know who he was. He starts to doubt Quan's ways when he wants to kill Axel and he finally understands that Axel's interpretation of Jo-Lan is better than his original opinion that a warrior must walk alone.



Apparently Dragon's and Axel's skills are always on the same level during season 1 and 2, until Axel reaches a higher level to fight Quan.

Ninja SkillsEdit

As a ninja he is naturally good at hiding and sneaking and he also uses smoke bombs to escape. He is an excellent swordfighter and knows how to use shuriken.